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I work on technology for the public good. I help organizations embrace modern digital methods and practices, devise strategies, organize teams, conduct design research, generate prototypes, establish development practices, build products and services, and make delivery possible. Learn about my work in government, healthcare, and education.

Writing & Talks

Ruby on WebAssembly

What's the big deal with WebAssembly, and what does it mean for Ruby? — April 28, 2018

Game dev blog

Follow along as I experiment with making 2D games

Reimagining 2D graphics and game development with Ruby

RubyConf 2017 — November 15, 2017

My Data: Empowering all Americans with personal data access

The White House blog — March 15, 2016

A story of an agile workshop

18F blog — February 11, 2015

Building web apps with Rack and Sinatra

Guest talk at Flatiron School — October 15, 2012

Three months in a healthcare accelerator

Madison Health Tech Meetup — May 17, 2012


Ruby 2D

A Ruby gem for creating cross-platform 2D applications

Simple 2D

A small, native 2D graphics engine

Past Projects


A JavaScript library for developers to navigate complex healthcare data